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Uh doesn't work with current iOS and so it is still in the App Store why?

Never worked locked up phone

Never worked for me. Never asked for Facebook login Just locked up the phone and app would have to power off

Horrible do not download

I just downloaded the app and it's horrible I can't even use the app is when I open it up yes it shows what song that I am currently listening to what I'm for sure I can't shirt effect vigorously tap the screen and nothing happens app refuses to respond I deleted it 15 minutes after downloading it for the first time Repeat DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!


I am unable to get the app to do anything at all. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Just locks up and crashes every single time. Wasted 20 minutes. Why cant the app store weed out more weeds.

Not what I thought

It doesn't display the song. Just a long link plus a message they added spreading the app itself. Not. Worth the space on phone

Great Application

Simple and easy. Great layout, plus it has Facebook and twitter integrations. Great app recommend to anyone who lives social media.!! SO GLAD THEY BROUGHT THIS APP BACK.!!!


Nice app

Luv this app

Spectacular I luv sharing my music now on fb wow

Good app

Does its job maybe some basic music controls would be nice



Works good I love it

Work when I want it to no glitches or anything good app if you like music

It don't work in tweeter

It don't work in tweeter

It's great for share your music!

I use it every time I listen to my music.


It's pretty cool. You can pick which songs to post. Only request is more social platforms - WP, Tumblr, etc.


It doesn't work at all anymore. Delete.

Works great!

Please add cover art to posting

Incredibly lame

This is a spectacularly stupid app. All it does is post a status update? Seriously? Oh. You can make little musical note characters. Wahoo. Deleted after about 2 minutes.

Great app

I agree with Smith ,just add a link for what song we post on FB so our friends can listen to

Great app

Almost perfect.... Add a link to song so when posted friends can just click to listen!!! 

Very Nice.

I like it, simple to use does what you set it to. Can still have a couple tweaks done. But overall excellent.


It's perfect for me! :)

Could be a....

Great app but it needs work. Too many fb & twitter errors. There needs to be a easier way of sharing on fb and twitter without having to close out the iPod and open the iTunes share app. Those are truly my only two gripes about it. Otherwise I like it a lot. I could love it with a few good updates. =]

Great tool

Great app for letting your friends know what your listening to,it also inspires them to look up the music you post. :)

It's good

Finally found an app that posts my tunes I'm listening to on fb

I love this app!

So easy to use


It's Simple, Easy To Use, & Quite Useful

Fix this

I think u should be able to send the music to ur contacts


It is quick and great. I dig it!

Don't work


Its awesome!

Its a really good app for what it does! Simple and customizable! I like it! I would love it to have autopost or full sync with ipod so it can post every song u have on ur playlist automatically... That way u dont have to go all the time and share... And maybe have the option to let ur friend find it on itunes... That would be cool.. :) <3

It does what it says it does.

I like it. It does what it says it does.

Does what it says

Good app. Simple. Clean interface. Does what it says & doesn't crash.

Good app

Does what it says no bull


Saves time and posts it very fast!!


Easy to use and very nice app!

Great App but...

I wanna share the album artwork too!


Easy to use. Editing the message formnat is the best function of this app.

Gr8 app

Works well

Simple request.

Requesting that you have the option to show the album art. Will continue to use Social DJ until this app has that option.

Perfect for what I wanted

Quick simple and fun to post instead of having to find and copy and paste links for sharing a song.

Better than paid apps that do the same.

Much better than apps I already paid for that do the same thing. Include album art and it would be perfect.


I really like this app! :D

Love it.

Suggestion: You could have separate 'Default Messages' for the separate social networks. That way I don't look like a tard with my Twitter feeding to my Facebook wall. Some reasons: ・It's a good idea. ・Facebook and Twitter have very different character limits ・Twitter has hashtagging, Facebook doesn't, so a hashtagged wall post looks ridiculous. ・I'm lazy. Suggestion: Add a toggle option to choose whether or not to upload the album artwork with the tweet/wall post. Some reasons: ・It's a good idea. ・It would enhance the app's awesome factor by over 9000 Love the app by the way, I needed this; it is much appreciated. ~~~~~~~~ Follow me on the Twitter. I follow back, but unfollowers get unfollowed. @PhilMcHawk

Gold Star

Awesome app!

Great app

Really great app and great simple user interface

5 star app

I LOVE THIS APP!!! i just want to be able to change the message!! And I can on this app!


Great app but would be even better with cover art support

Love it!

Works great. Easy to use. Fun to share what you're listening to.

Simple Clean Fun

Love it.


I love this app! It's amazing!!! I love how it posts the album cover as well.

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